Wireless Earpods

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What you see here are the new Wireless Bluetooth Earphones. This item comes in a complete bundle including the charging pack, both wireless headphones and a charging cable. These wireless headphones are easy to use. After they are taken out of the charger, you simply connect them using bluetooth on your phone and they are ready to play any song you choose through your playlist. This item is very limited. Only get a max of 2 Items per order. You can choose between white and black color options. 

This item is at a high discounted rate. Below check out what some of our customers think of this product!

Condition: 100% Brand New
Purchase: Can only purchase up to 2 items per order
ShippingAll depends on your location. We send out each item Immediately after the order is placed.

What this item includes- Both earpods, Wireless charging box, cable, sealed package