Wireless Phone Charger Pad

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This is the Brand New Wireless Charging Pad. This pad allows you to charge your phone at a fast speed.

"NO MORE WIRE CHARGERS" that break after a month and you have to spend lots of money for a new one.

You just plug the wireless charger into the wall and set your phone down on the pad and let it charge. This item is a new way of living where you dont need any cord at all and this wireless charger is portable so that you can bring it with you anywhere you go. This charger is compatible with just about any phone. Before getting this charger please make sure that it's compatible below with the different brands. We hope you enjoy this completely free charger. Also note that the more you grab, the more the shipping increases. We want to make sure you enjoy our website so please leave us your feedback after you receive the item at your door step. 

Compatible Brand: APPLE, Samsung, MEIZU, Xiaomi, Huawei, Universal
Type: Wireless Charger
Color: Black
Type: 10W(MAX) Fast Wireless Charger
Feature: Wireless Charging Pad, Desktop Wireless Charger